Adorable Doodles Buyer FAQ

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about buying a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle puppy from Adorable Doodles on this page. Learn how and why we breed our puppies, deposit and shipping information, the selection process, and what to buy before your puppy comes home.
  1. Why should I purchase from Adorable Doodles?

    I have had a passion for raising and caring for puppies for many years now. I realized this was what I really enjoyed doing with my time after my children had all grown and moved on with their lives. My love and heart for kids has rubbed off onto my dogs and their puppies.

    I have been doing this for a long time, and I am extremely selective when it comes to buying parent dogs. I want the best looking puppies with the best temperaments and the best possible health. It is an arduous process, and I spend probably 50% of my office time on scouring the internet to find exactly the right dogs with the right genetics and temperament. Sometimes more of an art than a science, it is like solving a big puzzle.

  2. Which types of dogs do you breed?

    Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles in Standard and Mini/Medium sizes.
  3. What sizes and generations do you breed?


    • F1 Standard: ( 50% Golden Retriever / 50% Poodle ) 50-60 Pounds full grown
    • F1 Mini/Medium: ( 50% Golden Retriever / 50% Poodle ) 25-50 Pounds full grown
    • F1b Standard: ( 75% Poodle / 25% Golden Retriever ) 50-60 Pounds full grown
    • F1b Mini/Medium: ( 75% Poodle / 25% Golden Retriever ) 25-50 Pounds full grown
    • F2b Mini: ( 65% Poodle / 35% Golden Retriever ) 30-40 Pounds full grown


    • F1 Standard: ( 50% Bernese Mountain Dog / 50% Poodle ) 50-60 Pounds full grown
    • F1 Mini/Medium: ( 50% Bernese Mountain Dog / 50% Poodle ) 25-50 Pounds full grown
    • F1b Standard: ( 75% Poodle / 25% Bernese Mountain Dog ) 50-60 Pounds full grown
    • F1b Mini/Medium: ( 75% Poodle / 25% Bernese Mountain Dog ) 25-50 Pounds full grown
  4. What is the best generation for people with allergies to dogs?

    Of course we cannot guarantee an allergy-free dog and it is always your responsibility as the buyer to make sure your allergies will not be affected by your dog. However, we do our best to provide you with the least shedding puppy we can. Poodles are known to be mild shedders while Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs shed much more. This is one of the original reasons for the origin of the Doodle mixes - to create a dog that would have the temperament of the Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog with the minimal shedding characteristics of the Poodle. The best generation recommended for mild allergy sufferers is the F1b Goldendoodle as they are 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.
  5. Do you offer a health guarantee?

    Yes most definetly, We offer a 24 month congenital life threatening health guarantee plus hip and elbow guarantee. We offer a 3-day return policy. If your puppy has any life threatening issues found by your vet, you can return the puppy for another one, if one is available. If your puppy were to have any severe life threatening issues covered under your contract for the first 24 months, we do not require you to return your dog to us for another replacement one or to get your refund back. If you want your guarantee to be honored by Adorable Doodles in full, the contract must be followed. If you have followed the contract, you will receive a replacement puppy of equal value.
  6. Where are your puppies raised?

    I currently raise my puppies in my home. They have their own living space with secure walls. We are not a kennel.
  7. Do you offer any guidance with purchasing the right puppy for a family?

    Yes I strongly encourage my buyers to ask my judgement on helping them find the right puppy for them. I spend quality time playing and working with each puppy daily to examine the temperaments and personality of each. I try to determine each buyer's daily lifestyle to match the puppy to the family.
  8. Can I contact your vet for a reference?


    South Kent Veterinary Hospital
    Caledonia, Michigan
    (616) 891-9070

  9. How do the deposits work?

    By placing your deposit, it reserves a spot in the litter you are placing it for. Keep in mind that sometimes a litter does not take or is later than expected. Picks are chosen in the order that deposits are received. Picking will not be performed until the puppies are 5 weeks old. Deposits are NOT refundable but are transferable.

  10. Do you guarantee color or size?

    Unfortunately we do not guarantee color or size but we do our best to provide our best guess based on the genetics and lineage of the breeding dogs as to the colors and sizes expected in the puppies.
  11. Do you allow visitors without placing a deposit?

    Unfortunately we do not allow visitors prior to placing a deposit, and not before the puppies are 8 weeks old, at which time they are vet-checked and have received their first round of shots. This is to assure you as a buyer that you are buying a puppy from a responsible and knowledgeable breeder. We keep our puppies safe and free from outside parasites and minimize the threat of the parvovirus from entering our home.
  12. Can I be assured of first pick of a litter?

    Adorable Doodles reserves the right of first pick in any litter. We have the choice of any puppy from the time of whelping up to the time of the picking order done at 8 weeks old. The waiting list of buyers in this case will be moved down one puppy in the order of deposits.
  13. Do you offer breeder rights for your puppies?

    On occassion, we do offer breeding rights to repuatable, approved small breeders.
  14. What comes with my puppy?

    • Vet checked at 7 weeks old
    • 1st set of shots
    • Wormed several times
    • 24 month health guarantee
    • Sample bags of food (3 day supply)
    • HeartGard sample in summer months
    • Spay / Neuter Contract
  15. At what age can we take our puppy home?

    No puppy goes home before 8 weeks old. We will contact you one week in advance to start setting up dates and times to select your puppy. You will be invited to come to our home and evaluate the puppies and see which one is best for you.

    We suggest that you bring a crate or a box to transport your puppy home in. You may also want to bring shredded newspaper or towels and wet wipes in case of car sickness or an accident.

  16. When is the final payment due?

    Your final payment is due at time of pickup. At that time, we accept only cash. If you desire to pay your balance with a check, money order, or cashier's check, you must make your payment at least 2 weeks prior to pickup.
  17. What do I need to buy before my puppy comes home?

    • Crate or cage plastic or metal
    • Puppy food to buy (Contact us for brand)
    • Kong toys, denta, bones, nyla bones all can be used
    • Puppy training treats ( optional )
    • Safe rubber kong puppy toys ( No Rope Toys )
    • Newspapers for training or puppy pads
    • Blanket
    • Food bowls ( No Plastic )
    • Puppy oatmeal shampoo
    • Brush, combs, slicker brush
    • Vet appointment set up
    • Have a Groomer lined up