About Adorable Doodles

Adorable Doodles is located in the Benton Harbor, Michigan area, within a few hours of Grand Rapids and Chicago, and is dedicated to producing healthy, happy puppies with great dispositions and temperaments. I have had a passion for raising and caring for puppies for many years. My love and heart for kids has rubbed off onto my dogs and their puppies. Raising puppies is a great passion of mine, and is not just a job or pastime to me.

Matching Puppies to Families

One of the most rewarding aspects of raising puppies is to match a family with a puppy that is perfect for them. I spend a lot of time with the puppies every day, watching them grow, and understanding their temperaments. If someone is looking for a dog that will be very active, I might suggest a puppy very different than for someone who is looking for a puppy that is less active and more friendly. Getting the right match for my puppies and my customers is a top priority for me.

What Sets Us Apart

Many people are raising Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles these days as they are such popular breeds. So, why Adorable Doodles? We like to think what sets us apart is our parent dogs. We most often breed F1 Generations because we like to have an even ratio of Poodle and Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog, but we do also breed F1B because of their superior hypo-allerenic qualities. Our Moms are unparalleled for all around health, temperament and beauty. Same thing with our Dads. We search out dogs with champion bloodlines that we feel will provide the best all-around puppies. When we use a stud service, we have the same high standards. When on occasion we have sold one of our puppies or parent dogs to other breeders, the reaction is always the same - best dogs we could have asked for - that's high praise coming from breeders! Of course the real test is what our customers think. Read our testimonials to see for yourself - we are proud of, and pleased with, our reputation and we work hard to maintain it.

Care Of Our Puppies

Our puppies are born and raised in my home. Each puppy is hand-delivered to assure no complications or unhealthy deliveries. I feel some moms require encouragement in delivering a healthy puppy, each and every time. All of our puppies are taken to our local vet for a thorough evaluation at 7 weeks of age to ensure healthy stable pups. No puppy is ever sold with any health issues. Our 2 year health guarantee comes with all of our puppies for your assurance that your puppy has had the best possible start in life and will thrive with the appropriate care from you.

We're Here to Help!

We welcome your questions and are here to make your decision process go smoothly. A well informed buyer is our best customer. Ask us about the difference between F1 and F1b, minis, mediums, and standards, or English and American. We've got the answers - and we've got the right puppy for you and your family!